Top 10 Lcd Tv Stand For 2019

Posted by Mark on September 29, 2019, 7:32 pm

The Best Lcd Tv Stand Of 2019 - Ranked 1 - 10

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Universal Table Top TV Stand Base VESA Pedestal Mount for 27 inch to 55 inch TVs with Cable Management and Height Adjustable, Holds up to 60kgs
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Suptek Universal Table Desk Pedestal TV Stand Tabletop Screen Monitor Riser for Most 22-65 Inch LCD Flat Screen TV VESA Up To 800 x 400mm Black ML1760
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1home TV Stand Table Pedestal Bracket LCD/LED TV 26-50 Inch Swivel Height Adjustable - 8mm Tempered Glass Base with Anti-Slip Feet
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RFIVER Universal Pedestal Table Top TV stand with bracket for 32 to 55 inch Height Adjustable Swivel TV Stand Black Max.VESA 400x400mmUT1002
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FITUEYES Universal Swivel TV Stand Base for 32-65 Inch Swivel 80 Degree 3 Level Height Adjustable Tabletop Pedestal TV Bracket Mount

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Posted by: jasonmark39 on October 19, 2019, 4:01 am

I just upgraded to an LG 40” 40UH630V Ultra HD 4K Smart LED TV. The only downside is the supplied stand which is a little unstable & requires a surface width of 90cm (wider than the cabinet I have) so I bought this universal pedestal stand. It’s metal except the base plate which is MDF. You can get metal base plates but they can reduce WiFi range, & the glass base plates can shatter according to reviews on here. It’s matt black & once assembled looks like it was made for the TV. A bonus was running the cables for my soundbar underneath the stand. There are multiple height adjustments & because it’s universal it will fit TVs up to VESA 400 x 400mm. It’s easy to assemble & includes all the tools required to do so, as well as multiple screws to suit various TV models. Do be careful not to over-tighten the bolts on the column though, as this could cause it to bend inwards slightly & could also crack the paint. This didn’t happen to me though. The build quality is excellent - it’s sturdy, quite heavy & able to hold up to 50kg, so there’s no chance of the TV tipping over. It swivels up to 35 degrees left or right & has 2 velcro straps on the column to keep the cables tidy. Amazon’s price is great on this at the time of writing.

Posted by: Whizkid on October 14, 2019, 12:15 pm

I ordered this product as I had recently purchased a 65” Sony Bravia TV, which came with a stand that did not swivel. I did my research and read the reviews and these seemed to tick all of the boxes. I placed the order, and it was delivered in a couple of days, which was quicker than expected. I assembled the supporting stand using the instructions which were very good. I particularly liked the individual items being labelled to correspond with the instructions meaning that I always had the right screws/bolts etc. when needed.

Now onto attaching the “support hangers” to the back of the TV, as it is these that enable you to hang the TV on the supporting stand. The first issue I had was that the screws that were provided were either too short or too long. Not a problem as you were provided with spacers that you could use with the longer screws. Or so I thought. It turned out that the spacers were too big meaning that even the longer screws when put through the spacers were too short. I cut the spacers down to sort this problem out. Back on track. With the “hangers now on the TV”, I hung the TV on the stand. It all fitted together, but for me, the TV was too far from the base – about 6 “. The TV did just not look right. So I unhung the TV and looked at how I could lower the TV. I tried using the “hangers” in different positions, but could not reduce this gap of 6”. I did try attaching the “hangers” by putting the bolts through the long slots (rather than the holes – you need to look at the “hangers” to understand this) but because of the weight of the TV, it just slid down the hangers, and the TV just rested on the base. Conclusion - the top screw really needs to go through a hole and not a slot. I managed to resolve my problem by drilling my own hole 6” (or 15cm) lower that the lowest hole on the “hanger”. Once done, and everything assembled, my problem was resolved.

This is my experience of this product, and perhaps I was trying to achieve something that was not possible. In terms of looks and quality - I am very pleased, but the edge of the glass does have some white marks that I cannot remove. I thought it was just some of the polystyrene packaging that had rubbed off. It wasn’t. I wasn’t that concerned as I was assembling the stand, but once I started to clean up, I found it did not come off. To be honest with a 65” TV you do not notice it. I have given the product 4 stars, as it is a good product, but isn’t as flexible as I thought it would be. I know there are a lot of different TV’s out there, and to produce a “one size fits all” stand is a tall order, but this does a good job at doing that, but just not good enough for me in this instance.

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